Mini excavator – small in size big in power

5-300x200Clients need excavating services for a variety of reasons. They may want to remove a previous planting, demolish outbuildings, dig a reflection pool or haul away rubbish. For those with large grounds and ample access, getting the proper equipment in for the job isn’t a problem. When people have limited egress, they call Marty at Christmas Hills Mini Excavations for mini excavator hire.

CHME has been setting new standards of excellence for customers who need excavation, demolition and debris removal but don’t have the space to accommodate full-sized equipment. The firm has been spreading soil, laying crushed rock, trenching and augering for more than 10 years, using small scale machinery for large-size jobs that require precision and finesse.

Diminutive machinery isn’t short on power. The firm specializes in residential projects with narrow access and works with commercial clients on projects of all types. Compact excavators are powerful pieces of equipment, able to work in tight places yet light enough to cause minimal impact on yards and road surfaces.

The company performs a wide variety of services, from digging holes for security fencing to trenching. The company’s equipment can break up concrete slabs or patios to make way for new projects. An area where small machines excel is for utility digging. When clients need to be careful of utility lines or pipes, a mini excavator creates a smaller hole with less disruption to properties.

One of the most common requests that clients have is for rubbish removal, ranging from plant material to outbuildings that have outlived their usefulness. The firm handles all phases of demolition work, from teardowns to hauling away debris. Tree limbs and old wood piles can be removed, along with furniture, appliances and items that require special disposal methods.

Free, no-obligation quotes are offered to all clients. The firm works closely with customers to help them arrive at a project solution that’s affordable and provides the services they need. The company specializes in limited access jobs, using small equipment to take on large-scale jobs.

The firm can be reached by phone at 0419 354 011. For more information, visit Christmas Hills Mini Excavations online.



The world of paving

Granite_Indi_LoRes-825x614-300x223Pavers in Melbourne are brick like pieces of concrete that are usually used as outdoor flooring. They are made by mixing concrete with some sort of colorant and then they are poured into molds and are allowed to set.

Pavers are a pretty great way of elevating outdoor areas. So it’s no wonder that more and more commercial and residential spaces are being outfitted with them. Paving stones, as they are sometimes called, can be manufactured in different shapes, colors and textures and have the advantage of being removed and re-installed without much fanfare and hassle.

Versatile outdoor flooring such as pavers can be used in a variety of ways. They are especially more common in Europe where streets can be completely lined with them like they are in Germany. While we might not be ready to line our streets with pavers here in Australia you have to admit that pavers would look quite good on walkways, driveways and even on the pool decks in our homes. Below are some other ways in which to use pavers:

  • Around fountains
  • As a walkway through a city park
  • On playgrounds
  • On project entrances
  • Even on entrance ways to corporate offices

The pricing for pavers here in Australia depends largely on the kind of work needed to install the pavers. You might like to do it yourself but if you want to hire the expertise of a contractor the pavers and the installation may come as a package. The cost of the job may be affected by the size of the project, how elaborate the installation is and how labor intensive preparing the project will be.

In Australia, one name is synonymous with good quality pavers and that is Anston Paving Stones. With materials sourced and made in Australia, they can assure you exceptional quality, versatility, durability and style

You might be asking yourself, “Why choose Anston?” The answer is, why not? Decades in the business can guarantee you the quality of pavers that your homes and projects deserve. With a high slip resistance rating and the ability to stay up to 20°C cooler than the competition you can be confident that Anston Paving Stones are the safest option for you and your family. Anston Paving Stones have been in business for about 20 years now. If that is not a testament to the durability and resilience of their products, I don’t know what is. Another thing that sets Anston apart is their customer service. Make your paver installation experience a more pleasant one by working with a company whose sole objective is to make you happy and satisfied.


For more information about Anston Paving Stones look them up online and see all that they have to offer.

Supreme Heating Extends Swimming Season with Sun-Powered Systems

Perth-College-300x171Summer fun in the pool is a great way to spend time with family and friends and homeowners can extend the use of their pools by up to six months, simply by utilizing the free power of the sun. Solar pool heating systems are energy and cost efficient. The Heatseeker solar heating system at Supreme Heating allows families to enjoy their pool longer each year and it increases the overall value of the home.

Solar heating systems significantly decrease the cost of pool warming and typically have low annual operating costs. They consist of a solar collector, a filter, a pump and flow control valve. A solar heating system can also be used to cool a pool in hot environs by circulating the water during the cooler evening hours.

Installation of a solar pool heating system requires the expertise of a professional who will be able to evaluate the site, determine the right size system for the pool, and calculate the correct tilt and orientation of the solar collector. The experts at Supreme Heating are cognizant of the local laws, ordinances and permit requirements.

Installers must consider a variety of parameters when establishing a system. Conditions that affect the size of the solar heating system depend on the size of the pool and its directional orientation for the solar collector. The desired temperature of the pool, the average length of the swimming season and regional temperatures are all factors. The use of a pool cover will also affect the efficiency and energy costs of the system.

A variety of heating options are available, from traditional strip systems and panels to evacuated tube systems. The experts at Supreme Heating have over 20 years of experience in determining the exact needs and requirements of their clients, and providing quality systems and installation. The company has earned a reputation for superior customer service.

If maintained properly, a solar heating system for a swimming pool can have a life expectancy of 10 to 20 years. Collectors require little maintenance, providing the pool’s filtering system and chemical balance is checked and monitored regularly. Solar collectors can be mounted on the ground or on a rooftop, but may need to be cleaned in environments that receive little rainfall to rinse panels clean.

A swimming pool is a major cost and a solar heating system takes advantage of the free power provided by the sun. The heating systems at allow families to enjoy their investment longer each year. Pools are a popular source of entertainment, exercise and relaxation. The Heatseeker system at Supreme Heating allows families to enjoy all the benefits of their pool long after friends have packed theirs up for the year.

How to Cut Masonry with a Concrete Saw

Concrete-Saw-300x160A concrete saw is not something most people have sitting in their garage or basement. For the most part if you need to use a concrete saw you’re going to have to rent one. Now, if you are a contractor or looking to become one you may want to consider purchasing a saw, depending on then nature of your business of course.

Concrete saws work similarly to that of a skil-saw, or a radial arm saw only they are much bigger, and much more powerful. The purpose of a concrete saw is to cut through heavy material such as cement, stone, asphalt and ceramic. There are a wide variety of brands on the market and most operate on petrol as the motors are very powerful. Less powerful saws are also available that run on electricity. For the most part you want one that you are free to move around with, petrol powered or pneumatic concrete saw is preferred.

The purchase cost for a decent concrete saw is rather expensive. Low end electric styles run around $400. Keep in mind these types are meant for smaller jobs and don’t have a lot of power. If you are looking to buy one of the high end petrol powered, pneumatic or hydraulic saws the price range will be in the neighborhood of $1500-$2500.

If you’re just looking at a small flooring job where you will be installing ceramic tiles for example an electric style saw is likely all you need. There are a number of radial style concrete saws that also include a water pan that cools your blade. If you are working on a concrete floor, cutting stone or other dense material you will want to make sure you have a more powerful saw. Using the correct blade for the job is also important. Not all concrete or diamond blades are the same. If you purchased your saw it should include an instruction manual here you can read up on what blades are best to use, size, type etc. If you’re renting the saw always ask for assistance if you’re not sure.

It doesn’t matter what sort of saw you are using it is very important you understand how to operate the tool. It is advisable that you watch a tutorial on the operation of a concrete saw to ensure you understand how it works. Safety precautions must always be followed as these types of saws can be very dangerous. Always follow the safety guidelines that are included with the saw.

Hydronic Heating Offers Benefits for People with Breathing Problems

hydronic-heating-3The medical community has seen an increase in the number of patients with breathing difficulties, leading many home and business owners to choose a hydronic heating system. Hydronic Heating Melbourne offers systems that are a definite advantage for anyone suffering from allergies or lung disease.

Individuals are bombarded every day with dust, allergens and manmade contaminants that are detrimental to health. Hydronic heating systems are the number one choice for hospitals, laboratories and similar environments that require a higher level of indoor air and pollution control.

The quality of the air that people breathe is directly related to respiratory function and the ability of the body’s defense mechanisms to keep lungs healthy. The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners supports this and warns that some contaminants have immediate results, while others have effects that can surface years later.

A hydronic heating system significantly reduces contaminants and disperses heat without the use of a blower fan found in traditional furnaces. The technique eliminates wind-blown dust, allergens and pet hair that aggravate lung diseases ranging from asthma and COPD to cystic fibrosis and lung cancer.

Maintaining a clean environment is easier with hydronic heating. Allergens fall and aren’t blown back into the room by forced air coming through floor registers. Hydronic heating is useful in reducing conditions that are prevalent in colder climates that foster the development of bronchitis and pneumonia, along with lung-related disease affecting the heart and immune system.

A hydronic heating system works through the principle of heat transference. A boiler heats water and circulates it through specialized pipes located under the floor. Heat radiates through the surface of the floor to the structure.

The systems can be installed in new construction projects and structures can be retrofitted to accommodate hydronic heating. Modern panel radiators can be installed within walls for even greater heating efficiency. The panels stay cool to the touch and are safe for use around the elderly, children and pets.

Heat levels can be controlled by smartphone applications, a single thermostat or multiple room thermostats to create specific heating zones. It’s especially beneficial for children and the elderly who require warmer temperatures, and provides savings by eliminating heat in rooms that aren’t in use.

For more information, call 0449 883 849 or visit Supreme Hydronics online.

Pool Covers For Pool Care

pool-covers-300x172When most people think of buying a pool the first accessories on their list are pool toys, not swimming pool covers. However, while not a fun accessory per se, a pool cover is the most useful of them all! The best reasons to use pool covers are for cleanliness, safety, and to lower the maintenance costs of the pool. Pool covers are a long term investment, and also an environmentally friendly option for pool heating.

A Clean Pool Is A Happy Pool
Keeping a pool clean can be an arduous task, but a pool cover stops debris from entering the pool. Covering a pool will save you from having to skim out leaves, which always seem attracted to pools. For outdoor pools, or those in longer term storage over winter, this is an absolute must!

Save Heat, Save $
Undoubtedly the most cost effective way for a pool to retain its heat is by using a pool cover. The idea is as simple as taking a pot on the stove and adding a lid, or not adding a lid – which stays warmer is obvious. However, most pool covers allow sunlight to pass through to maintain the temperature even better than merely covering the top!

Water Loss
Not only do they retain heat, but they also retain water by decreasing the rate of evaporation. This will stop you from needing that midsummer top-up, as well as save you money! This is because not only does water loss affect your water bill, but that evaporated water takes chemicals with it – chemicals that you would have to replace otherwise.

Closing Up
Pool covers are a practical solution to many pool maintenance problems. Covering a pool when it is not in use deters anything from entering it. This is vital for the safety of pets and small children; A covered pool is one that cannot be easily fallen into. Plus, they keep wild critters from using your pool as their personal bird bath!

Although pool covers may seem like a simple thing one can get away with ignoring, they are vital to anyone who owns a pool. For more information on pool covers visit this website.

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